Features Block

Features Block is a very versatile and powerful informational box container with many blocks content in it. Place icons, buttons, and animated content into features to grab attention!

An Example of 3 Column Features

Auto Generated Content

With every features block creation, a default randomized icon and content is generated for you to increase your editing productivity.


With many options, each feature is versatile it can be used for multiple purposes, such as CTAs, teams or banners.

Advanced Effects

Pro version of Kioken Blocks enables the 3D Mouse Parallax and transform effects, in addition to 10+ feature presets.

Mouse Parallax(pro)

Enables the Kick Ass!

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Features used as Team Members

One of the most useful utilities of Kioken Blocks is the Kioken Elements coming with the Pro version for Container Row Block. Over 50+ ready made templates are available for you

Flint Marko

VP of Marketing

Alice Windcock

UX Designer

Michael Dacascos

Front End Engineer

Jane Whitfield

Senior Designer

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