Gutenberg Container Block

Container Row is the block filling the biggest gap in Gutenberg, which is columns with extensive options. With vast number of options, possibilities are almost endless. Gutenberg Container Block is the block you you’ll need for creating layouts.

Create complex grid layouts with this Gutenberg container block. Add borders to columns or the container itself, or add parallax backgrounds both to the container and the columns. Features of this block is way too many to explain in a single page!

A high-quality solution for a beautiful website with easy to use tools and advanced features.

Kioken Elements will speed up your content building process with it’s carefully crafted premade blocks.

Elements are optimized for responsive layouts, which means they’re also beautiful at every scale.

Bust Out Columns

This container row has a right column bust out applied. That is why the Macbook image on the right is actually a full size image, but cut off and placed offset to the right, which makes this layout look sexy!

7500+ Icons

Pro Version comes with a vast number of icons with line and filled styles.


Kioken Blocks enhances Gutenberg in so many ways you will love it again.

Shape Dividers With

Parallax Backgrounds

Create advanced parallax effects for the backgrounds. Add unique shape dividers to maximize the creativity.

Gutenberg Container Block is so powerful and feature rich, you can create offset layouts like this one.

Mark Dacascos
KiokenBlocks Author

Robust Options

Every container block and columns inside have in depth settings to fine tune your layout for every device type and size. And there are so many options you won’t ever feel bottlenecked. Get Kioken Blocks today!

Advanced Effects

Make clickable columns and apply hover transform effects on them.

Fully Responsive

Apply custom dimensions and alignment for each column, responsively.

Adjust Spacings

Each row and column can have specific margin and padding values, responsively.

Add Overlays

Apply a color, background or gradient overlay with custom opacity and parallax options.

Adjust Alignments

Align columns vertically centered, or top/bottom, or change these settings for each column.

Add Shape Dividers

Add stylish dividers to the top or bottom of the container row, or apply to both sides.

Apply Borders

Each row and column can have specific border width and custom radius values for each side.

Custom Colors

Apply custom text and link colors to be inherited by row layout content. Alpha values also available.

Full Feature List

  • Container Row
    Add borders with custom radius and strength value for each side
  • Columns
    Add borders with custom radius and strength value for each side
  • Backgrounds with parallax and overlay
  • Backgrounds with parallax and overlay
  • Add Shape dividers with custom color and flipping availability
  • Adjust visibility and responsive spacings based on device size.
  • Create offset layouts with column bust out settings.
  • Make columns clickable (pro)
  • Assign maximum content width with responsive settings
  • Add lift and scale transform effects (pro)
  • Adjust responsive layout of columns based on device widths.
  • Set z-index, maximum width and alignment for column content
  • Add shadows
  • Add shadows

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