Fancy Buttons Block

Fancy Button is a Gutenberg button block that extends beyond the block editor’s default buttons. It is the button block that you miss in the editor!

It allows you create multiple instances of buttons at once with custom settings such as hover/normal colors, border and radius settings, adjusting padding and custom Google Fonts for buttons.

Button Presets & Effects

Pro version of Kioken Blocks provide more than 10+ button presets to speed up your buttons creation.

Also supported is the gradient background, shadow effects and lift animations(pro).

One of the best blocks for Gutenberg Buttons

Display Icons

Display icons on the right or left side with a selection of 1500 of them(7500+ with pro version).

Custom Typography

Choose from a list of full Google Fonts with custom letter spacing, weight, size and subsets.

Transform Effects

Pro version owners can apply transform effects for a more dynamic and creative feel.

Ready for It?

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